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Vac trucks are at the core of our business and provide hydro vac services to Toronto and the GTA. We service areas throughout Ontario.

Hydrovac is short for hydro excavation which uses streams of high pressured water to remove material such as dirt from the ground. The hydrovac trucks are useful for cleaning as well as excavation and is one of the most environmentally friendly ways for excavation.

Hydrovacing is generally twice as fast compared to traditional mechanical excavators for more efficiency. Thus, a large variety of companies are able to use hydrovac services to their benefit including telecommunications, utility providers, construction and more.

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We take pride in being a unique hydro vac service offering to the hydrovac industry. Hydro vac excavation offers a non destructive excavating approach that provides you with greater certainty when excavating in areas that are tight. When it’s time to excavate, count on Hydrovac Toronto to send the best vac trucks!
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    Hydrovac Toronto

    Hydrovac Toronto is one of the most reliable hubs for hydrovac services in Ontario. Our model works by matching you with the best services in the industry. Contact us today to find out how hydrovac can benefit you.

    We specialize in a wide variety of hydrovac services from excavation to cleaning. We also serve nearby cities and not just Toronto. Give us a call today! Our seasoned professionals are available to help. Our operators are experienced and ready to take on any kind of hydrovac jobs.

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