Culvert and Manhole Cleaning

Manhole Cleaning Services with Hydrovac Toronto

Hydrovac Toronto has vast expertise in culvert and manhole cleaning, that can be an effective and efficient solution depending on your project.

Cleaning and restoring manholes requires a trained team that has experience in dealing with the many types of obstructions one can encounter. Sanitary drain lines, can be clogged by different deposits, so an experienced Hydrovac team is able to effectively displace it with their high water pressure system. A benefit to using high velocity water pressure is that it is an accurate and faster approach, that allows for tight or complicated spaces to be accessed.

Hydrovac is not only a faster and more accurate form of excavation but also a much safer alternative, as the risk of being electrocuted is decreased, therefore creating a safer work environment. Another consideration is that Hydrovac not only displaces obstructions, but it also removes them from the site, allowing for projects to continue as scheduled.

Hydrovac is a preferred method of excavation, especially during the winter months, as hot water can be used to efficiently thaw frozen water lines. The warm water combined with the high pressure also allows our team to reach areas where the ground is frozen due to the harsh winter climate.

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What are the Advantages?

Hydrovac Toronto has experience in sewer line, culvert and manhole cleaning. There are a number of advantages and benefits.

Cleaning sewer lines, culverts and manholes entails the need for efficient and effective removal. Hydrovac Toronto uses high pressure water to displace and remove stubborn deposits in storm and sanitary drain water lines. This high velocity water pressure ensures accuracy and faster techniques when excavating. Techniques including equipment able to reach difficult and tight spaces.

By using water, we reduce the chance of electrocution and discharge of electricity thereby increasing safety for workers. Hydrovacing also becomes more efficient by not only displacing contaminates but also effectively removing it from the site.

The surrounding environment often plays a large role in excavation. Using Hydrovac, warmer, even hot, water can be used to effectively thaw frozen water lines and reach areas where the ground is frozen in colder climates.

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